champion R. grubbs

6640 Lusk Blvd 

Suite A200

San Diego CA 92121

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Choose from the list of my favorite ideas/ themes, add it to the subject line in the contact form below then select the placement on your body and add it to the message line along with any other important details. This allows me more Artistic freedom to create exceptional Tattoos that have a distinctive style and flow.  Your wait times will be half of that of the full custom option.

My favorite themes

1. Skulls, Snakes and Flowers,

Animal skulls, human skulls, any flowers any types of snakes 

2. Gods/Demons with Mandalas geometric patterns

Benevolent or Evil beings with tripped out backgrounds of dot work and shadows

3. Animals and nature scenes.

This is more about the Beasts and less about the landscapes.  No space scenes or landscapes without major Animal subject matter. 

4. Roman/Greek Gods or Heroes

I love anything in this realm, Art Architecture, and storytelling.

5. Oriental Dragons

Medium to Large scale, 

Body placement

A. Full sleeve

Wrist to top of the shoulder, no half sleeves please

B. Full Backpiece

Top of the neck down to at least the pant line.  Be a real bad ass and go to the back of the knees! 

C. Leg Sleeve

Hip to ankle, or go for the full monty and go armpit to ankle!

D. Full side piece

Armpit to waistline minimum, Armpit to thigh or knee even better!

E. Medium sized tattoo

Something we could finish in a session or two, you choose location